Tuesday, 1 January 2013


2012 was good. I've been taking a break from blogging the last few weeks; my 21st, Christmas and revision have taken over and I just simply have no time for the fun things in life! Last night I did get to go in and I headed out to Flares for a hilarious night out...

 Free champagne cocktails with giant straws

 Attempting to dance...
 Proudly displaying my reservation plaque (now pride of place in my room)
Blazer - £15 H&M (sale)Dress - £18 Topshop (sale)
Clutch - £15 Topshop (sale)

My whole outfit (except the shoes which you can;t see anyway) was from the sales! I wasn't a nutter and got up early for the sales - I just popped into town when I had a spare hour this week.

Last year I...

...completed the Inca Trail Trek, got back to blogging, celebrated three years with Hugh (it's almost four now!), visited my Mum working out in Dublin, joined a running club, went to my first England rugby game and also my first Harlequins game, went to the Olympics and Paralympics, moved into an amazing student house, briefly worked for Coventry City Council before the cuts, ran my first 10k race, then beat my 10k PB by 4 mins to a now swift 57 mins, visited Elise in Paris, took Spanish lessons, spent my 21st in Birmingham, went to Bestival went on fieldtrips to both Swanage and The Gambia, continued to be thrifty, holidayed in Salcombe, volunteered over the summer and realised it could be my future career, applied and got accepted to go to Malawi next summer, and finally... a few weeks ago I got an offer for a Masters at the University of Sussex.

Looking back it was a fab year. I forgot that I had done so much! There were horrible parts too; there were two sad goodbyes but it just made me realise what fabulous people they were and that life is too damn short to not do the things you love, care what other people think or worry about the insignificant. So thanks 2012, you were a rollercoaster.

P.S. - huge apologies to my fellow bloggers - I haven't been keeping up with your lovely posts! Rest assured, there will be business as usual again soon.


Ella said...

Wow looks like you have had an amazing 2012! Love the outfit too, hope you had an amazing birthday xx

Winnie said...

Sounds like one amazing year! Congrats on getting the Masters offer! I remember how that felt - gosh I miss being a student!